An Important Pricing Update

To Our Admirable Community,

We want to be real about something that’s impacting all of us: inflation. Starting this week, we're implementing a slight price change, and we want to give you the details on why.

From day one, we’ve held fast to providing you with high quality products versus trying to save a few dollars using lackluster ingredients. This change allows us to keep delivering you the same craft-driven food and beverage you know and love.

Now, this price change is due to more factors than the ebb and flow of inflation. There’s weather conditions which affect (green) coffee bean yields, petrol and shipping costs, not to mention the changes in compostable goods (i.e. our cups, plates and cutlery). Throughout the ongoing Pandemic, the price of consumer goods has continued to stay on the rise–and in this case, it has surpassed the previous record of some 40 years ago.

  • Milk products alone are nearly 30% higher than they were in 2020.

  • Compostable materials are up nearly 50%.

  • Our Prickly Pear Blend is up nearly 20%

  • Cold brew is also up about 30%.

We care about our ingredients and how we offer them to you. We thrive off of your enjoyment and engagement with us! That is love. Surely, some may wonder why we increase prices on menu offerings, but it really does come down to how things are factoring in globally.

We have so much planned in store for you and are manifesting great things. Together, we can champion each other to make it through. Unlike Sisyphus, we believe that through transparency we can support one another to make it over that hill.

We want nothing more than to hold a steady conversation about it with you, as that is what being part of a community is: talking through things together. We love what we do and we value you being part of the journey.

Please reach out and share your thoughts, questions and concerns:

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