More Than a Coffee Shop: Changes Happening at Provision


We have some pretty big changes we want to share with all of you. First, we want to take it back in time for a moment—in the days when we first started Provision back in 2011, our goal was to bring community together over coffee, food, and drinks. We’ve discovered over the years that community means a lot of different things to many people; it’s where we all come together, where we all work toward the same goals, where we all just genuinely care about each other.

Today, it’s no secret that many in the food and beverage industry are struggling—us included. Last year was a difficult year for us as we were able to successfully survive an unprecedented pandemic. Due to the hard work and resilience of our team, we were able to weather that storm, only to face another unprecedented rate of rising inflationary costs. We saw raw product costs almost double in price at a rate we’ve never seen since the 1980s.

These industry-wide challenges pushed us to take a look at where we’ve been, where we are today, and what our mission is for the future; honestly, we realized that we’re getting further away from the experience that really did make Provision so special over the years. After a lot of deliberation, we’ve got a brand new vision set to take place on May 1st.

When we first dreamt of what our 7th Street location could be, we really wanted to emulate Australian-style cafes: a place for incredible food dishes, a memorable experience to share with friends and family, and, of course, an elevated coffee program to go along with it.

On May 1st, Provision 7th Street will be focusing on offering that experience by adopting more of a restaurant and cocktail bar style of service and experience; it will still have a really great coffee program but modified to better suit this style of experience. So, you’ll see even more additions to our continuously evolving food menu, your beverages (coffee or otherwise) will be served in glassware and ceramic, public wifi will start to phase out, and the focus will be put back on to having meaningful experiences with one another and with the Provision staff.

You’ll start to see some changes over at Provision Arcadia, too, with more changes coming later this year. On May 1st, we’re moving to be more coffee-focused and take-out oriented and phasing out our cocktail program. The menu will consist of coffee- and tea-based beverages you’ve come to love, paired with light food and pastries.

See you for breakfast on May 1st. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts; it’s only with you that we can continuously improve on the community that we call Provision.

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