Provision started in 2011 with the idea of bringing the stories of smallholder coffee producers to coffee buyers and drinkers. We wanted to have fully transparent buying practices, and through that vision Provision grew into a coffee roaster, wholesale, and retail company. Our goal was, and remains, to make coffee approachable for all people. We continue to be quality focused, with the emphasis on longevity, commitment, and sustainability. Through this vision, we have our mission statement: “To build community through quality coffee, food, and beverage.”

Our coffee is sourced through relationships with a particular importance on reciprocity and sustainability. Long term commitment is a major tenet to our buying practices. We aim to make at least 3-year commitments with producers, thus providing more financial sustainability for the years to come. One particular partnership that highlights this is with producer, Eduardo "Don Guayo" Gomez. We have worked with him for the past 5 years. Through our committed buying practices and continuous communication, we were able to give critical feedback to Eduardo about his coffee and how it can improve. Our commitment to continue with Eduardo throughout the years allowed him to take those chances and change some of his growing practices. That commitment, as well as verbal feedback, has materialized into better and better each and every year from Eduardo! Our Don Guayo is a favorite amongst Provision team members and patrons.

We take a very curated approach to our coffee offerings. Instead of featuring several options, particularly for our single origin line up, we offer 3-5 very distinct tasting coffees from various regions. It also allows us to buy green coffee in larger quantities, once again coming back to our buying practices of commitment and sustainability. We also make blends using top quality coffee and ensure consistency in tasting season after season. We make our coffees approachable for all taste preferences, and very applicable in all types of extractions.