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Aponte's Honey l Colombia

Aponte's Honey l Colombia

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Tasting Notes: Green Apple, Cinnamon, Graham Cracker

Country: Colombia 

Region: Nariño 

Co-Op / Mill: The Inga Tribe

Process: Honey

Variety: Various

Roast Profile: Light 

Along the Andes trail  lives the Inga Tribe in an area known as “Aponte.” This indigenous community has very strong initiatives to preserve the natural surrounding habitat, and one way they most practice that is through the production of coffee. As stewards, or “guardians” of the Aponte area, the members of the Inga Tribe have developed this region to be renowned for its coffee, particularly this one, which is “honey-processed.” 

“Honey-process,” also known as “semi-washed,” is a type of fermentation method conducted at the mill. This  method removes the skin of the coffee cherry, yet leaves on the mucilage to ferment onto the green coffee. By leaving on the mucilage, the coffee is imparted with a honey-like film, which translates to a sweeter, slightly funky flavor. For Apontes Honey, it is fermented in mucilage for 36 hours, then sun-dried for 15 days, truly imparting all those unique essential qualities we come to love honey-process coffee for. 

This coffee is brought to us by Forest Green Coffee Developers. Leading some very unique processing methods in Colombia, such a Koji ferment and fruit-ferment, we are very excited to work with Forest to bring Apontes Honey to our offerings. We had to launch this coffee at the beginning of Autumn, as the flavors were reminiscent of tart green apple, sweet cinnamon, and graham cracker (yes, the honey-flavored one). It’s a burst of flavor perfect for the season, and only here for a very limited time!

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