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Provision Coffee

Berry Burst | Blend

Berry Burst | Blend

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Country: Nicaragua & Indonesia

Process: Natural

Varietal: Various

Roast Profile: Light Medium

Tasting Notes: Chocolate covered berries


What a blast of so many berry flavors we got when we decided to blend two of our favorite naturally processed coffees together to create this first ever seasonal offering: Berry Burst!

Naturally processed, or “sun-dried,” coffees undergo a fermentation in which the coffee cherries dry with their natural skin on. Then dried under the sun for several weeks, the skin of the coffee skin or “coffee cherry," imparts a very berry, cherry-like flavor onto the green coffee beans.

Berry Burst has two unique coffees and both roasted different to create this custom blend. The first coffee is El Diablo from Nicaragua, which imparts the base notes of dark chocolate and sweet blackberries. We then combine it with the Bondowosa from Indonesia. This coffee brings the liveliness and brightness to Berry Burst through it’s notes of fresh strawberries and blueberries.

Given we’re hitting the season of berries and blooms, we had to share this fun and unique coffee blend for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Happy brewing!

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