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Tablon De Gomez l Colombia

Tablon De Gomez l Colombia

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Tasting Notes: Guava, Grapefruit, Jasmine

Country: Colombia 

Region: Narino

Process: Washed

Varietal: Bourbon, Castillo, Cenicafe-1

Roast Profile: Light

In the southeast part of Nariño, Colombia, there is a municipality called "El Tablón de Goméz." "El Tablón," as people in the region call it, is a very small community nestled in Macizo Colombiano. The area encompasses a group of mountains located in the Andes of south central Colombia. Most of the coffee is grown 1900 meters above sea level, making it one of the highest growing coffee regions in Colombia.

This is the second year Provision is sourcing coffee from this region, and its distinct qualities certainly shine in the cup! This coffee is a blend of multiple producers in the region, but a majority (57.7%) comes from Melky Chavez Bolanos’ farm, "Finca Buenavista." Finca Buenavista lies within the highlands of Buesaco, Nariño, a place hidden in the Colombian Andes that is known to have an amazing climate. For us however, it really is a fantastic place for the production of amazing coffee. The perfect climate that characterizes the region is the main attribute that has blessed Finca Buenavista for three generations now.

Coffee has always been part of the Chavez family’s main source of income. Melky Chavez not only inherited Finca Buenavista from his family, he also inherited the passion for coffee. From a very young age, Melky has been involved with coffee and has always been learning about the production process. A couple of years ago, Melky and his family started looking for opportunities to make their business more profitable and sustainable and that was when they started looking into specialty coffee. Since then, Melky has been able to show the real value of each coffee bean.

For Melky, Finca Buenavista is more than a coffee farm, it is his family business that has helped him move forward and has helped him improve his family’s quality of life. Today, he works with his wife and children and he has been able to provide employment to many people in the community. After a couple of years producing specialty coffee, Melky can assure that the people who drink his coffee are drinking coffee of an excellent quality, produced with effort, dedication, and passion.

Tablón de Goméz is a sweet, clean, and floral coffee. We taste juicy guava, sweet grapefruit, and jasmine honeysuckle.

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