Building Community

Through Quality Coffee

Our Story

Our story is rooted in relationships with farmers and coffee lovers. Our passion is to bridge those relationships by building community through high quality coffee.

We want to make a difference in how people buy and drink coffee. We strive to empower both the lives of the farmers who grow and harvest our coffee and the people who enjoy drinking our coffee with their friends and family. We truly believe that coffee can bring people together.

Practically, we are organized as a for‐profit business but we use our profits to build community sustainably and responsibly, like a non‐profit. We engage in an ongoing dialogue with farmers to best respond to their needs. Our goal is to aid coffee communities that often struggle with poverty and basic needs. How we offer help is an evolving, complex process. However, we operate based on our core values of honesty and transparency so as the process develops, we will sincerely communicate our efforts.

We invite you to actively participate and join our story. By purchasing our coffee either through our coffee bar or a wholesale partner, we can continue our work to build community responsibly, sustainably, and reciprocally. By sharing the story with your family and friends, we can invite and include others to shape an awesome coffee community. By giving us feedback, we can listen and respond to improve our community.

Please join the story and let’s build community together.


La Florida


Cherry Cola, Pomegranate, Chocolate

Process: Fully Washed

Provider: Azahar

Enjoy Our Coffee

Prickly Pear


Chocolate, Caramel, Black Cherry

Process: Washed / Natural

Provider: Varies

Enjoy Our Coffee

Wholesale Services

We value honesty and transparency and we reflect that in our service. We strive to give all of our wholesale partners incredible service and believe in reciprocal relationships rather than transactions. Our goal is to help create sustainable coffee communities and we want to equip you with the tools to succeed for the long term.


Barista Training

Wholesale Supplies

Private Labeling


Cold Brew

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