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Karuthi Peaberry | Kenya

Karuthi Peaberry | Kenya

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Produced by Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society

Country: Kenya

Region: Nyeri County, Kenya

Process: Washed

Varietal: Peaberry

Roast Profile: Light

Tasting Notes: Sun-Dried Fruit, Lemon, Black Tea

Karuthi Factory is one of the 19 mills belonging to the Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society (O.F.C.S.), and is based in the Kukuyu territory in Nyeri County, Rwanda. Nyeri is well known for producing some of the most outstanding coffees in Kenya due to its cool temperatures and fertile central highlands, as well as its red volcanic soil rich in phosphorus.

Karuthi Factory works with 378 local farmers covering an area of about 82.8 acres. Cherries are picked when fully ripe, de-pulped, and fermented for 16. Thereafter, they are rinsed with water for 6 hours, and then dried slowly on raised beds for 2 - 3 weeks whilst being turned by hand on a daily basis. The high elevation, rich soil, and ideal climate, along with the expert management and processing by the Karuthi Factory, all lead to a truly remarkable coffee.
Thanks to our green importing partner Bonaventure, and their unique relationship with O.F.C.S., we have been able to source this amazing coffee for a third year. While in the past we worked with their AB lot, this year we chose to feature their PB or Peaberry variety. In the case with peaberries, the cherry only has one seed instead of two. Although smaller in size, peaberries are notoriously known for packing a strong punch of flavor! We certainly think so as we taste notes of sun-dried stone fruit, zesty lemon, and the tannins of English breakfast tea.
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